Sunday, January 3, 2010

A.I.R at Grand Canyon- The Countdown

There are only 20 days until my departure to Grand Canyon! This whole opportunity still seems so surreal to me- I can't believe it is actually happening and yet I am so excited. As an artist I am sure that the experience will have a profound affect on my work and my ways of seeing.

So much of my work is about the small within the large- the cell within the larger organism, a shell in an enormous sea- and now I will represent the miniscule being within the vastness of Grand Canyon.

This is were I will be staying!!! Look above the Verkamps sign and you can imagine me standing there looking out over the Canyon.

I plan to blog frequently while I am there as a means to document my experience. I have a lot of fun things planned so I hope you will join me (via my blog) on this amazing adventure! You can subscribe to my blog by clicking a link in the upper right hand corner of this page.

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amy tavern said...

this is just awesome! i am exited for you and looking forward to seeing what comes of your time there. congratulations!