Thursday, January 21, 2010

Preparing for departure- WOOHOOO!!!!!

The adventure begins!

I leave early( 4:00 am) tomorrow morning to catch my flight to Arizona. I have everything packed ( I think) in two suitcases- tools, clothes, the works!

So, here is the interesting news- Flagstaff, AZ (where I am scheduled to land) is expecting 4-7 feet of snow by late friday, that is taller than me. At this point it looks like I may be in Pheonix for a few days until things clear up- we will see!

Though sad that there are delays in my plans I am eager to see the canyon covered in snow- sounds pretty spectacular.

Enjoy this photo by Kaldoon.

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Jean Skipper said...

It sounds spectacular!

Safe travels, and I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your adventure.