Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meeting Gloria Steinem

It began like this-
I old freind called a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would be willing to donate a piece to be presented to Gloria Steinem- I said YES!!! What a great chance to give a small token of gratitude to a woman who has given so much to humanity for almost half a century. Shaking in my boots with excitement I began to plan what I might create for her.

The next phone call went something like this:
There is a chance that you will get to meet her in person if you are able to be here. The East Carolina Women's Studies Department is planning a breakfast and would like for you to present the piece to Gloria yourself. WHAT? OH MY? that would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Next call:
The breakfast was cancelled, her schedule is too full. (Bummer)

Next call:
Great news you will get to meet her after all, be here next Friday at 4:45 with the piece.

So last Friday I drove to Greenville to meet Gloria Steinem. The whole week builidng up to the trip I was so excited and worked feverishly on several brooches not sure which would make the final cut. I included an excerpt from a poem by Alice Walker about Gloria Steinem written in the mid 90's and updated on Gloria's 75th birthday, this year. The lines are simple but seemed to say so much:
This brooch was inspired by icons, that people who are icons have an effect that radiates out across many groups and generations.

Late Friday afternoon I met Gloria Steinem. She was amazing, gracious and kind. I was struck by how interested she was in the small group of women that were there to meet her. She seemed genuinely interested in each of us. She is thoughtful and funny, intelligent and everything that I imagined she would be.

I am grateful that I had the chance to meet her, to say thank you and be inspired!


Lonnie C said...

Erica, I'm so glad you are having all these adventures with your jewelry!! Can't wait for next September. Take Care.

Christy said...

Erica, that is just amazing! I don't check your blog often but was going to contact you about a possible christmas present and I'm so glad I got to read this amazing story. And it's so great that you were able to pass along a piece of your art to such an incredible woman.

I miss you! Christy