Thursday, April 17, 2008

Photos of my Jewelry

I spent yesterday afternoon taking photographs of my work. For years now I have been trying to perfect the art of taking jewelry slides/images, it is hard and by no means have I gotten it right just yet. Traditional layout and lighting is very minimal and when done well it is gorgeous and the work truly comes alive but it is hard to achieve this outcome (well, it has been for me). So, I recently joined Etsy and have been really impressed with many of the photographs- natural light, textural backdrops, props- in the well conceived photographs the work does not get lost at all, a warmth is created, familiarity. So I tried this more laid back approach and I liked it. The photos may still need some work but I really like the textural feel of the photo and the soft, natural light. The process was enjoyable- no aching backs and ridiculously hot light bulbs. New adventures are good- my next will be shots of my work on live models.

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