Friday, April 18, 2008

off to Greenville, SC

I am leaving this morning for a weekend trip to Greenville, South Carolina. Artisphere- an outdoor fine art/fine craft festival is going on there this weekend and we (my students and I ) are excited to check out what we hope will be amazing work and to discuss the dynamics of good and bad booth design.. I did my first craft show about three years ago and WOW was that an interesting experience- a lot has changed since then, mostly the fact that I am armed with much more knowledge and I have gone through ,oh, about four booths-atleast. I am eager to talk wth my students about booth design and display, there is so much to be said.

The weekend will be fantastic- days spent with friends, viewing the work of amazing artists and then Saturday night- dinner at the Lazy Goat (Chef Lindsay is ure to wow us!)

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