Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grand Canyon Studies

I have been working for some time now on pieces inspired by my artist residency at the Grand Canyon earlier this year. It has been an interesting journey trying to decipher all of the phenomenal imagery that I witnessed at the canyon. I realized quickly that I would not be able to create one object that defined my experience so I decided to do studies. These individual objects may represent a single object or a significant event experienced while there. Below are just a few of my canyon studies...

This piece represents the human hand in the canyon. People have called the grand canyon home for a very long time and it was absolutely amazing to see evidence of some of those original dwellings.
This piece is a part of the modern petroglyph series. Throughout time native cultures have left thier stories all over the canyon walls. I was not bale to leave a permanent record of my time there but saw these silhoette/shadows as my temporary petroglyphs.

Walking on the canyon floor I discovered some of the most amazing textures, this piece is inspired by the remains of a decaying cactus.

This is one of many pieces that I will do about my hike into and out of the "big hole". The rock formations are examples from the beginning and end of my hike and the silhoette in the center represents that moment that I was the farthest from my life and it's normalities than I have ever been.


Jean Skipper said...

These are absolutely beautiful, Erica! What a wonderful way to preserve your memories.

Amy Tavern said...

These are beautiful. I especially like the second one from the top with the silhouette and riveted frame Great composition and details. Lovely!

jewelry making said...

Absolutely beautiful, I like it very much.