Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Canyon- Clouds and Light

It has now been several weeks since my hike into the canyon, but I can still remember distinctly how differently I saw things on the rim...

I was pretty sure that I would wake up the morning following the ascent and be unable to walk, but surprisingly I felt great! I threw on my boots and headed outside to reacquaint myself with the view. Hiking to the bottom truly changed my perspective on the canyon and allowed me to see it in such new ways. I first noticed the amazing play of light and shadows on the buttes and side canyons- brilliant sun beams highlighting the intense texture of the landscape.

Next I realized that I could actually locate landmarks in the canyon. I gazed upon spots I had stared at for hours in the days before my hike and immediately saw things that had previously alluded me. I could see Bright Angel Trail, Indian Gardens and other significant stops along the way- and it was pretty shocking to see how far into the canyon I had actually been!
For me, taking the time to hike into the canyon truly allowed me to see it. I am so grateful for the experience and all of the inspiration inherent in it.

This is a Raven on the South Rim- The contrast of the tree/raven silhouette against the beautiful sky really caught my eye.

Elk munching on yucca- Wow! This guy was really huge. I watched him for some time before snapping this photo. Prior to the yucca he was eating juniper berries, using his antlers to rip branches from the tree or standing on his hind legs to reach higher limbs- again WOW!

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