Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Geting Ready for the Show

My studio is absolute chaos right now! It got to the point this weekend that I had about a six inch square of clean counter space on which I could work-WOW! I kinda like it when it gets this way- it's like my mind is moving so quickly from design to design that I can't take the time to re-adjust before I move to the next piece. This is a whole lot better than those days where the creative juices are all dried up.
I have really enjoyed working on some of my production work in the last several weeks. Doing production really amps up my technical skills- reminds me to do things the right way- it really bites to ruin 15 pieces just because you thought that really lame shortcut was going to work. I was reading a time management article the other day and it said that we often create more work by trying to take shortcuts- I have done that one too many times- and then spent hours un-doing the "short-cut". Funny thing about that article is that i can't seem to find the time to finish reading is- as is life!
I am heading out to ACC Charlotte in the morning- can't wait!

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