Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Amazing things

Sanddollars, coral and corkscrew shells from my student Cathi- she found them 40 years ago and then shared them with me today. There was a basket full of amazing things.
Anomite?, Ammonite?, fossiled ocean creature- absolutely beautiful- Pandy picked these up at Metalliferous. Fossilized things really blow my mind- just the idea of something being intact for so long.
The coral peanut-New Class Mascot!-thanks Pandy
These are amazing-tumbled ceramic tile from the beach on a small island in Italy- My friend and student Nancy found these as she strolled down the beach- they are beautiful-textural, color and pattern.

Yesterday was like a feast of amazing things for me. I am obsessed with the ocean- what it creates, houses and yields. All of these gifts come from the same place- the sea- look how diverse, simple and beautiful they are.

Share with the people that you know the things that inspire you- it is amazing how much we have to share with each other.

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