Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Verbalizing my thoughts

I had a great conversation with a friend today about the duality of my work. It was one of those fantastically energetic conversations that go all over the map, leaping from one seemingly disconnected topic to another. We talked a lot about my work, where it has been and where it is going. What I love about this type of discussion is that invariably I learn something about myself, at minimum I verbalize something that has been stuck in my brain for sometime but other times I find connections in my work that I was not fully aware of. As an artist I am often making subtle transitions without even really realizing the changes have occurred. Then one day I look back and feel like maybe I have left something behind. But what I realize on days like today during conversations-energetic and open that I have not left anything behind, my work is simply evolving, the concepts are becoming more refined.

Using the hydraulic press

I have had my hydraulic press for several years and use it regularly. This week for the first time I have been experimenting with the possibilities(you know breaking the rules and really pushing the limits),and having a blast. It is always a good idea to revisit tools and techniques, there is always room to grow and we can sometimes grow stagnant in our use of familiar things. The times that I am being experimental I really grow in my technical skills and often find myself heading in new and really exciting directions. New work doesn't come often enough and images seem to come even more infrequently but I intend to get some images of new stuff here really soon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Time in my studio

Sometimes I have so little time to truly dedicate to my work and I find that when I am in the studio I rush and make tons of errors, things I don't normally do. I spent all day Monday cleaning out my studio, making things function more efficiently, and organizing my tools. Wow it is amazing what that does for the creative spirit. I worked all day Tuesday and Thursday feeling motivated, driven and creative- these are the days that I cherish. Having the time to do things right. I spend a whole morning making new dies for my hydraulic press, and enjoyed it, really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Coming home from vacation is always a mixed feeling- an eagerness to return to familiar things but a sadness for the end of a time void of daily routine. I have come home refreshed and ready to get back into the studio. But first things first - it's time for some purging. I have got to get out there in my studio and really get things worked out, it is a MESS. For me this is the best way to start a new season- fresh, new, void of the burdens of too much stuff. I do have this huge junk of semi truck tire that I just can't bear to part with, too much exciting potential. Wish me luck.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Calm after the storm

Whew! I have decided I am an adrenaline junkie,of sorts. The Creative Metalsmiths show just went up last week and I am ready for the next big thing. All of the work and stress and lack of sleep is pretty exhilerating, a friend told me once that runners are really addicts seeking that next big rush of endorphins, well I am not a runner but I defintely like the rush of a deadline and the feeling of accomplishment when it all comes together. I must admit that a couple of days of quiet were nice but now I am formulating the next big plan. Hope it's a good one.